Doggie Daycare at Rocky Mountain Kennels in Longmont, Colorado

Doggie Daycare

We offer doggie daycare!

Is your dog bored at home and getting into mischief? The solution is doggie daycare at Rocky Mountain Kennels!

There are numerous benefits of doggie daycare, both for you and your dog! For your dog, they will spend the day making new friends, playing and socializing, getting lots of exercise and stimulation, and receiving personalized love and attention in a safe and supervised environment. For you, being able to know your dog is romping around with new friends, knowing that he or she will come home at the end of the day exercised, socialized, and tuckered out is priceless. Not to mention how great it is knowing that your dog isn't sitting at home alone cooped up all day, full of pent up energy, possibly destroying your shoes, couch, remote control...who knows what!

Bring your dog in for a fun day of play time and exercise while you are at work, school or just running around town. Half day rates are also available.


Daycare offered Monday to Thursday from July 1 to Aug 31
Friday to Sunday only during non-summer months
rop-off 6:45 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
Pick-up 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Doggie Daycare Fees

Spayed/Neutered Unaltered Male/Female
Daily Rate $26 $31
Half Day Rate (up to 5 hours) $15 $20
Peanut Butter Kong $3

Daycare Packages

Daycare Punch Pass (5) $125|$25 per day $150|$30 per day
Daycare Punch Pass (10) $240|$24 per day $290|$29 per day
Daycare Punch Pass (15) $345|$23 per day $420|$28 per day
Daycare Punch Pass (20) $440|$22 per day $540|$27 per day

Call 303-651-DOGS(3647) for more specific information on boarding or doggie daycare.